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Running Name LLC is a Managed Service Provider. We use advanced methods, techniques, and processes to take our client’s business to the next level!

Our staff takes a personal approach to help develop your business. We aim to take the busy work away from entrepreneurs and business owners so you can focus on creation and development. Contact us for a free consultation and start developing your business or nonprofit today!

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Cloud Based Security

We provide small businesses with risk mitigation services. To ensure that your business keeps internal and client information secured by offering Cloud computing, software supply chain security, and web services required to avoid Cyber-Security weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Serving Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

With the increasing number of entrepreneurs using online platforms to service their customers, they most often resort to storing personally identifiable information. Running Name LLC will help develop an affordable Cloud-based web and website service to help business owners stay competitive.


Our goal is to use 100% renewable energy through our cloud-based services. This helps reduce our carbon footprint and assist in reducing yours. Utilizing Green Tech allows us to access renewable energy and reuse materials. We endeavor to make a better future for the next generation by maximizing resource reuse.