At Running Name, we want to solve the biggest problem in the online market: Security.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional-level online solutions and support for every business sector. All while creating a benchmark for online security.


We strive to be the pioneers of the dynamic IT industry by providing quality service and helping anyone turn their passions into a reliable business venture.


Running Name LLC believes that by establishing trust, practicing transparency, and open communication, we maintain our internal team and increase our client base. We value our team, and to show our appreciation, we invest in their talent/skill development. We also believe in doing our part to protect the environment. For this reason, we use Green Technology. Lastly, we measure our success by our customer and employee satisfaction reviews.

Paul Pearson

Owner | Chief Information Officer

Paul helps our clients outline their company's technological vision, mitigate cybersecurity risks, and ensure that the tech resources align with the company's business needs. He has worked with and for the Air Force, the private sector, and non-profits.

Rachel Bishop

Web Content Writer | Editor

Rachel blends her creativity and strong analytical research skills to handle all content’s ideation, creation, editing, and organization. She ensures all material is accurate, concise, and correct.

Joshua Smith

Contract Specialist

Josh supports the company in contract development and legal regulations. Networks with local, state, and federal contracting offices and officials. Research and stay current with cybersecurity standards and certifications as applicable to the contract. Maintains local, state, federal, and commercial contracts.

Balpreet Singh

Visual Designer

Bal is the newest member to join our team. He provides our clients website with visually appealing graphics, colors, and concepts. He brainstorms and collaborates with our clients and team members to bring to life the client’s vision for their website. He is responsible for all the visuals that go into creating a website.